Change Managemant - Implementation - Work

Corner Room Service

At Your Service (examples)

Enterprise-class management and monitoring functions, as well as their evaluation

Competitor analysis

To assist in drawing up visions and strategy

Profitability calculations reviews

Confidential reports

Management Responsibility for special cases

Background reports and assessments

Change management promoter or assistance

Development of procurement and outsoursing

Organizational efficiency report / assessment

Management team member for special cases

Tutor for the strategy process

Supplier studies

Budget target seting and KPI evaluation

Support for Top Management Team

External view of the activities

Resolve bottlenecks

Make or Buy analysis

Networking support

Straighten the content of the agreements

Optimize the organization's activities

The resource required change in the Group's work

to support decision-making

Task management of constant changes

The resource as needed to make it happen

The resource as needed