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My Road beginning from a small hometown suburb. Summers was warmer and nice to running without shoes on the rocks. Those days teached to be open and how much better was doing everything on teams. Teenage Jari was a bit shy but want to participate football team, play ice hockey and fishing. Some bad testings as smoking came for the picture – only good thing was that the period was a short and training was a better choice. Exercise became a way of life


After primary school it was difficult to find an interesting field and motivation to study. Finally, the technical issues were the most interesting thing, and the road went to stand behind the lathe in a vocational school. Time passed quickly in school and in the military before the first job as a crusher assistant in the chromium enrichment process. The work was very dusty and noisy, so planning for the future takes on a new level.


Four years in the continuously process motivate to entrance exam of institute of technology and a door opened. Studies went a pretty good and it felt to went too easy as well. Family situation made easy to make decision move back to my home

town and for the new field, paper making process. A new task as foreman teaches how important is listening people around as base for good decision-making process. After few years in the process felt good but still there was hungry to study more and try to find new challenges. Next step on the road was study for the bachelor level in mechanical engineering at same time when I take a new task as TQM technician in the mill. Working and study at same time was hard in the beginning but doable.


Move to Central Finland took place after the engineer's graduation, which meant a new level of leadership and a leap into the paper machine manufacturing services department. Strong strategic effort to grow service business made possible to grow fast business with a new team. Results on the new service business was so good that interest for bigger boots game on mind. Three years in the new business stated from zero revenue and end of the day we got real business status.

Millennium starts a new letter with a master’s degree in engineering. Interest in leadership and change grew so high that studies in production management and industrial management began. In my second year at university, I found an option to combine work and study in the same place. From the paper machine maintenance business, I moved to the paper machine clothing business for shoe press belts. Shoe press belts were originally manufactured on a test production line, my main job as vice president was to take all functions to the industrial level.  The first step in chance management was simulation and based for that we start a new mill project. A new belt fabrication mill launched 2005.

The master’s degree was completed in December 2004 and the business grew rapidly in five years in the belt business. Compared to the beginning, the results of belt production increased five times more in production and four times more in net sales


MSc. Degree opened opportunities to apply new challenges and it was time to move on.

A new field was opened in the subcontractors' workshop, where a steel structure was made for shipbuilding. After few year the next step was move to the shipyard and take over procurement leadership. Five years in the procurement create good understanding for agreements as well as networks.


In 2014 and ten years after my most recent graduation, I started my own business as an alternative as a temporary (interim) management resource. During last years I have been appointed as company’s resource or by consultant agreement case by case. Key tasks during those years: Investment projects & procurement, development & maintenance, CEO, project office management, technical leadership.


I still have a passion to challenge myself in business after the long road from crusher operator to CEO. Lot of miles, lot of people and lot of experience & network.


I’m more than happy in case you are interested to hear more details.

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